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Are You Visiting Spa for The First Time? How to Choose One?


Many of you may be a bit nervous when you visit the spa for the first time but remember that you are not the only one. Few people are so anxious that even if they are offered free service, they may not avail the services.

People are concerned about the etiquette and how much they have to expose during the treatment etc.

However, when you visit any city spas then you will find that all your tension is evaporated as the staff at the spa will treat you very nicely. You need not worry about exposing yourself as you can always cover yourself with a towel.

Also, you need not bother too much about etiquette as there will be someone who will always guide you.

How to choose your spa?

People mostly choose the spa based on their convenience. It is always better to choose one which is very close to your house. Other things that you need to see how friendly the staff and the therapist, make-up artist, nail technicians etc.

Make sure that all the therapists are licensed. See the environment and it must be well lighted, quite and a relaxing place. Proper cleanliness should be maintained.

Also, make sure that they have all the necessary equipment as follows:

  1. Whirlpool tubs
  2. Hydrotherapy tubs
  3. Sauna
  4. Vichy shower
  5. Steam rooms
  6. Steam cabinets

All the staff present should be able to understand the queries that you have. If they ask about your medical conditions then it is a good sign.

During your first spa treatment

You must always book your appointment time so that you need not waste your time any more. If the spa center cannot accommodate you as per your timing then they may offer another alternate.

If you tell them that it is your first visit then they will be ready to answer all your questions. You can choose male/female therapist as per your own gender. Mostly, people are comfortable with a female therapist during their first visit.

Select your treatment

Following are few of the basic treatments offered at the spa center:

  1. Body massage
  2. Facial treatment
  3. Body treatment
  4. Manicure
  5. Pedicure

You can prefer any one of multiple numbers of services as per your need. You can also have your preference whether you want a male/female therapist.

Before you go

Prefer not to eat at least one hour before your visit. Also drink as much water as you want after your service. Try to arrive little earlier so that you can enjoy sauna. Try to relax your mind.